The Right Post Workout Nutrition Intake

It is a known fact, in order to have a body with the right muscle mass and lean muscles one needs the right nutrition paired with perfect workout program charted out. Before you go full fledged into your workout mode with your instructor etc, it is best to be well informed about certain facts.

Every instructor is different and their understanding of fitness may vary. And so instead of blindly following them it best to know some facts on your own.

Why is a post workout supplement important?

When you work out, you are actually causing harm to your muscles at a cellular level. In order to control the damage done, one needs to replenish the muscles with the right nutrients so that they not only recover from the damage but also grow in the desired manner.

It is important to consume a muscle recovery supplement within the first 45 minutes after a workout, as your muscles are most prone to nutrition uptake at that time. Muscles require the right proteins, like whey, casein, and branch chained amino acids along with carbs for muscle repair. This is where a post-workout shake proves most beneficial.

Why only a post-workout shake and not a meal?

Having a post-workout meal is equally beneficial, maybe even more. The body simply needs the nutrients, whether you drink them or eat them. However, from a practical point of view, it often not possible to eat a full-fledged nutrition rich meal within the first 45 minutes after workout.

Often after a workout, men hang around in the gym to cool down or catch up with friends. It is also not easy to get home and whip up a complete meal and eat it within just 45 minutes.

And so a post workout shake comes as an easy alternative. You can easily prepare your shake and consume it immediately after a workout at the gym itself.

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