The 7 Must Have Boots

Boots are evergreen types of foot wears which have been worn since centuries. Earlier they used to be more of the basic type but with the evolution of fashion industry even boots have been come a long way. Nowadays, they are created and designed in various styles keeping in mind the purpose of wearing them.

Types Of Boots

  • Riding boots are a versatile staple for all wardrobes as these are considered as equestrian inspired classics. Such boots can be worn with any skinny jeans.
  • Hiking boots are the ones that can be worn while you for hikes. Some renowned brands have the best hiking boots which can be a little pricey but totally worth it. These boots are comfortable to wear because they are designed in such a way keeping in mind the difficult terrain one might be walking on while going for hiking.
  • Rain boots are the best for rainy seasons to keep your feet dry. These are made from rubber which makes them waterproof.
  • High heel boots are fashionable and they can be worn to add the glam factor to your whole look. These boots are quite versatile and you can find a wide range of high heel boots of different lengths like tall styles to ankle length.
  • Chunky heel boots are basically boots with a wider block heel. These are anytime more stable than stilettos which makes them suitable for regular wear.
  • During winters, faux fur boots can be the right type of boots for you. These are very cozy and due to the faux fur lining it will keep your feet warm during chilly days.
  • Some people do prefer to wear a little bit of heel but not tall like stilettos. For them, low heel boots are perfect which can be fashionable and at the same time it will be very comfortable to wear.


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