Summer Time Is Flip Flop Time!

Summer time brings along with it some fun shopping time. It is the times of the year to shop for new summer special shorts, tees and swim wear too. The time to bask in the sun and say good bye to closed hot shoes and socks.

While you get summer ready with clothes don’t forget your flip flops. The most comfortable open foot wear, it gives you a casual feel and lets your feet breathe too. Easy to put on and off, light weight and perfect for just about any outing. You can look for the best flip flops for walking right here.

While you are out shopping for summer ready flip flops we have some pointers for you.

Firstly, flip flops are light weight and casual with numerous varieties available. But again, they are foot wear and you must choose them wisely. Simply looking at the fashion or visual quotient is not enough. Then again, they need not be the ones you pick from a drug store too!

Cost: Flip flops are available in a wide range of cost options as well. While you need not spend a fortune over summer flip flops, opting for the cheapest one also may not be the best decision. Always put quality of the product above everything else.

Material: Very often cheap flip flops are made of recycled rubber and plastic. They might look great but may end up hurting your feet. They get heated easily and give your feet nasty burns or might even crack up sooner than you’d expect.

Some good materials for flip flops are good quality rubber, plastic, suede, leather and fabric as well.

Sole: Even if they are flip flops, they still carry your entire body weight; opt for flip flops that have sufficient grooves on the sole to provide support. The smooth soles might cause you to slip and fall especially on smooth surfaces or on slopes.

Weight: Flip Flops need to serve the purpose of easy moving around. They cannot be heavy that drag on your feet. Beware while shopping for rubber or leather flip flops that have maximum risk of being heavy and uncomfortable.

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