Potty Training with a Urinal!

One activity every parent is too keen on doing to their baby before the baby turns into a toddler completely is to potty train. The earlier we start the process; the sooner there would be established results. For some children, it takes longer time to get trained for various reasons. Patience is one of the key factors. Acknowledging your baby’s comfort level becomes the first priority. It is important to not force a child to follow one pattern that he or she is not comfortable with. In the case of boys,, for instance, forcing the child to sit and pee instead of choosing the comfortable standing and peeing position could backfire. There is a possibility that the child might remain adamant and the training period just keeps growing.

When you are a mother of a boy, you need to start thinking differently as how comfortable your child is wile he is potty trained. Boys always like standing up and peeing and hence investing on a good urinal will be a wise idea while training them. Buying this instead of the potty seat or a toy pot is way better as boys make less mess with a potty training urinal.

There are different types of potty training urinals available in the market. The one with suction cups make hanging them easier. You can choose the convenient height for your child and place it on the wall. One other advantage is that they could be hanged on all surfaces be it wood, tiles or plain walls. You need to maintain it well as the suction cups might start loosening at some point causing it to fall after sometime. There is one other potty training urinal which you could just hang on to your toilet pot itself on one side. You could just let it be and choose not to remove it when elders are using the toilet too!


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