How I Got My Smile Back

My most recognizable feature right from my childhood has been my wide smile, with all my front teeth in perfectly arranged line and uniform height. That day, we ran and jumped to get on the bus. We were young, high in energy and excited to get the front seat just next to the door.  After sitting down like the winners of formula one race, we smiled at the conductor.

Thugh! Was the next sound and when I got my senses back, blood was flowing from my mouth like a river. Drenched in red, I felt my tongue feeling the gap in my front gum row, where one of my cutting teeth was there in addition to the characteristic taste of warm, raw blood and oozing cuts. Suddenly, the images of me with my cousins during our childhood days flashed in front of my eyes.

My milk tooth had fallen and I had only gaps in my front row of gums; the photo was my cousins’ biggest tool to make fun of me each time. Yes, the tool is back now, this time permanently. I resorted to my room for the next one week and the cuts healed fast. The gap: it still remained and reminded me of my hollow smile. Whenever I spoke, I could hear the whistle coming out my mouth. I felt that the rest of my life would be inside the four walls of my room.

God might have felt pity, for my mother, on ‘someone’s’ recommendation forcefully took me to a newly opened dental clinic near her office. The clinic was so impressive that I felt teeth were the most beautiful parts of humans. Very quickly, that beauty transformed to mine when in just two sittings, I get my pride back, my temptooth.

Still, people recognize me with my smile and I use my energy in safer and more meaningful ways.

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