While decorating your home, a very crucial question is what fabric and color  to choose for home décor? This is especially true in case of curtains as they decide how your room will look. While choosing curtains there are many factors that one must remember as they often can make or break the look of the room.

Fabric of the curtains:

Choosing the right fabric is an essential part of home décor. If the fabric is too thick it will not fold well and if the fabric is too thin, it will not cover light well enough or fall well on the windows. To opt for a unique fabric made to last the test of time is important, at least when you don’t change your curtains too often.

Usually, linen, faux silk, silk and velvet are good options for home curtains. Of tem faux silk is one of the most feasible ones. If you wish to check how a particular fabric behaves it is best to deal with a cloth of slightly bigger size and small cut outs will not help you get an idea.

Often one has to choose a fabric depending on whether it can hold heat or not. If you wish to keep the rooms warm at all times you can opt for fabrics like suede, velvet, tapestry, tweed or other thick materials. Else there is always an option of insulating the curtains with an additional thick fabric that comes between the fabric and the lining.


One important factor is that, all fabrics when exposed to sun will undergo a natural fading process. So if you have a room that gets a lot of sun light you might want to choose a light colored option instead of a bright one.

If you change your curtains on a regular basis then you need not be worried about fading. But always remember that a brightly colored curtain will make the room appear smaller.



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