Custom t-shirts for birthdays

Birthdays are probably the most important days in everyone’s life as they come just once a year. It is on this day that family and friends come together to celebrate. The cake, the food, the camaraderie definitely spices up things but if you wish to do something different this year, you can choose to gift a customized t-shirt for a change.

In fact, customizing anything and everything to convey your innermost feelings and givea glimpse into your personality is the rage nowadays. There are several funny phrases which can be rehashed to suit the age and personality of the birthday boy or girl. Gifting a garment specially designed for someone you love will not only make the present extra special but it will become an integral part of their wardrobe for years to come. Don’t be surprised if you see your loved one wearing it almost anywhere and everywhere.

How to choose a t-shirt

Actually, you will spend more time in deciding the message than in selecting the material for your tee. It is pretty straightforward and based on individual comfort; you can choose from any of the three top materials commonly used for printing.

  1. 100% cotton: Cotton is the safest bet if the cloth is meant for someone with a sensitive skin. Not only from the comfort aspect but also with regards to printing, cotton is the most preferred material because it is really easy to print as it works well with discharge inks. The only disadvantage is that cotton shrinks; you can opt for preshrunk tees to overcome this problem.
  2. 100% ring spun cotton:This material is softer and thinner and once again suitable for printing. They are commonly called as fashion tees.
  3. 50/50%poly cotton blend: A blend of cotton and polyester this material is softer than cotton and doesn’t shrink as much. Printing on this is a tad bit challenging and will be more expensive as water based inks are used.

A good place to begin would be where you can choose t-shirts for your siblings, parents, co-workers, friends, nieces, nephews or just about anyone who you feel deserves that special touch. You can choose from a wide array of designs and text that can be philosophical or quirky.…

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