How to Buy the Right Chastity Product for You

Buying a male chastity product is not very worrisome only if you know what to look for in the product. Lock the Cock and other brands offer male chastity products that are completely secure. Men look for a device that is inescapable and that which heightens the fantasy and are the key holder’s mercy. Without the key holder, they just get denied this fantasy.

Fantasy and reality do not go hand in hand though and many men then get disappointed with the chastity device.

You need to be aware that there is no such chastity device that is secure 100% for every man. There is no one size that fits all men. The genitals vary from one to the other and this not only includes the penis length but also the circumference of the shaft at various points and whether he is uncut or cut.

On top of all this the penis is also very flexible and can be squeezed and squashed and it gets compressed in the small gaps and the tight rings. It is also capable of being retracted into the body. This is how it is designed. The similar thing applies to the scrotum and the testicles and this also varies widely as per shape and size.

It could happen that the testicles are tight and high for some men and low for others. For some men, the scrotum tends to relax and then tighten as per the condition. These differences make it clear that there is no single size that will fit all men and fit every person well.

In order to buy the chastity product that is right for you, you should actually be clear of what chastity is. You cannot force anyone into chastity and the experience should be mutual and with consent. The device should be constant and it should also have the desire to be able please the keyholder. This needs trust and complete honesty.…

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