How to HelpA Stressed- Out Dog

Like me, many of you may be dealing with stressed-out pets. It is not unusual to find pets whose behavior suddenly changes and you really don’t know how to deal with it. Stress in dogs is more common than we think. If the behavior is too erratic then it is advisable to first consult your vet, but if the symptoms are a little unusual then you could try out a few of these tips to help ease out stress in your dog.

  • Pet your dog

Cuddling, petting, massaging and stroking your dog can really calm him down to a large extent and make him feel more relaxed and stress-free. Stroking him and tickling him on his favorite spots will not only make him enjoy the act but will make your dog calmer and more in control.

  • Play with your dog

Exercising and playing with your dog will make him physically more active and reduce stress and anxiety levels. A simple walk till the end of the road or just asking him to fetch a stick or a ball can also do wonders.

  • Quality diet

A decrease in appetite may cause dogs to get undernourished leading to stress and other behavioral problems.  To overcome this changing the regular diet with a different and better-quality food will definitely have a positive effect on your dog’s health as well as his personality. Feeding your dog well with healthy and nutritious food will make a lot of difference in his temperament. Giving your dog a filling and balanced diet will make a lot of difference in the overall health and make him more happy and less anxious.

  • Using therapy patches

Therapy patches are patches that will help calm your dog and keep him stress-free. I too tried it on my beloved canine friend and I was more than delighted with the results. I got this therapy dog patch here and I will highly recommend it to all those dealing with stressed out dogs to help calm them.…

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